Erlesene Mutterschaft XXII

„When Tammy the pig-faced nurse asked us if we’d started skin-to-skin yet we both went red. We had never been naked together.

‚Skin-to-skin helps to regulate the baby’s heart rate and breathing, and of course it’s great for the mother-baby bond.‘

‚No,‘ I whispered, catching up. ‚We’ve haven’t held him yet.‘

‚Who wants to go first?‘

‚Cheryl,‘ said Clee quickly. ‚Because I really have to go to the bathroom.‘

Tammy glanced at me. She had thought I was Clee’s mom right up until the moment she saw us kissing by the elevator. I took off my blouse and bra and hung them on the back of a chair. Tammy wrangled Jack’s lines and tubes, carefully lifting him out of his case. He grimaced and twisted in the air like a caterpillar. She placed him between my breasts and adjusted his limbs so that his skin and my skin were touching as much as possible, tucking a thin pink cotton blanket over the two of us. And then she left.

I looked behind me. Clee was in the bathroom. Jack’s little chest pushed in and out; his machines were quiet. He made a snuffling noise and his enormous black eyes lurched upward.

Hi, he said.

Hi, I said.“

Miranda July – The First Bad Man

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